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Meet Our Pharmacy Advisory Board

At SCA Pharma, we’re committed to being the most customer-focused company in the 503B industry. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Pharmacy Advisory Board members. These pharmacy professionals will help us gain valuable insights into the challenges and…

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How to Properly Decipher an FDA Form 483

In your role, you’re likely responsible for vetting potential supplier partners on behalf of your hospital or GPO. You’ve undoubtedly been asked to request each Form 483 and decipher the unnecessarily complex jargon of the FDA. Mosaic by design, it…

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The Advantages of 503B Compounding

Due to the important role of healthcare in maintaining the health of the general public in society, it is highly regulated with plenty of governmental oversight. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America have estimated that close to 3.6 billion…

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Understanding USP <797>

We often discuss USP <797> but it is vitally important to understand just what the regulation entails... Drug adherence is a crucial component of the modern-day healthcare system. It is a very important factor in today’s economy, making up a…

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The Value of Outsourcing Sterile Preparations

Utilizing an outsourcing organization helps meet the demands placed on hospitals and outpatient facilities to ensure patients receive their medications on time and as prescribed. By Brenden Roche, Senior Marketing Coordinator; SCA Pharmaceuticals Recent trends have shown the vast migration…

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