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Why SCA Pharma?

SCA Pharma is a recognized leader in the field of sterile compounding.

SCA Pharma is a privately held, FDA 503B outsourcing facility. Our goal is to provide the highest quality sterile admixtures and pre-filled syringes for our clients and their patients.

SCA offers a robust catalog, as well as outstanding Quality and Customer Service.

At SCA, quality is given, not an assumption.

SCA performs 100% final product sterility testing and full endotoxin testing on every batch of sterile products, prior to release, fulfilling requirements for Endotoxin (Pyrogen) testing per USP <85> and Sterility testing USP <1223> Guidelines and cGMP guidance.

Since October 2017, Environmental Monitoring (EM) results are also a part of release criteria. SCA can provide a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) Lab Report for every lot produced, to help ensure hospital pharmacy teams have the documentation they need.

Superior customer service that goes above and beyond makes an enormous difference when partnering with SCA Pharmaceuticals. We take pride in being an extension of your pharmacy, that is always there when you need us.

SCA Pharma specializes in the following Markets & Products:

GPOs and IDNs
What Sets SCA Pharma Apart?

SCA is a true partner you can rely on. We adhere to the core principles of SCA Pharma; reliability, consistency, transparency and efficiency.

SCA has rapidly grown in the past year. That growth as caused us to proactively adapt to higher regulations and requirements to be operating at complete cGMP level.   Staying ahead of the quality curve is critical to be a reliable 503B partner long term. Please review the quality section of this site for more details about our robust, transparent quality program.

We are a company that constantly communicates with our customers. We realize that the industry is currently experiencing shortages of certain drugs, containers, fluids or all of the above. SCA always strives to have multiple supply options and par levels to support our customers; however, in the case that we are unable to procure a necessary item, we will notify you, how we are addressing the situation with current and pending orders, and most importantly when we expect the situation to be resolved.

The Value of Outsourcing

Utilizing an outsourcing organization such as SCA Pharmaceuticals helps meet the demands placed on you to ensure patients receive their medications on time.

The added values of working with an organization like SCA include:

  • Improving reliability of drug supply
  • Helping reduce drug waste
  • Minimizing medication errors
  • Increasing compliance with drug preparation regulations
  • Redirection of labor and valuable resources

Patient Safety

In keeping with our commitment to patient safety, we incorporate the latest bold Tall-man lettering to differentiate look-alike, sound-alike medications. Our labels, which are USP <7> compliant, are designed for ease of readability and feature bar-coding compatible with your facility’s systems. Our products are secured with tamper-evident caps and overwrap packaging.

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