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SCA Pharma is changing the way medical facilities choose a 503B outsourcing facility.
More than just a reliable source for the highest quality sterile admixtures and pre-filled syringes, we are a trusted partner with the know-how, experience, and guidance to alleviate your staffing needs and free up talent to focus on patient care.


Our people set the SCA Pharma customer experience apart from the competition. We care about the success of your pharmacy and our goal is to be a dependable resource for your team, providing valuable insights, strategies and ideas. Our service philosophy is that working together is the best way to keep your pharmacy stocked with the medications you need.


A discerning commitment to quality ensures every product we deliver meets or exceeds cGMP standards. SCA Pharma’s talented subject matter experts take a lifecycle approach to quality management, covering every phase of every process. Our facilities maintain inspection readiness at all times.


Outsourcing sterile compounding drastically lowers labor costs while eliminating drug waste. Choosing SCA Pharma offers the value-added benefits of leveraging our industry expertise for smarter ordering, effective inventory tracking and control, and having a trusted partner to help you better manage supply chain disruptions.

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Discover industry insights and learn more about the people and innovations driving SCA Pharma.

SCA Pharma Names Louis Pace as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer

SCA Pharma, a nationally recognized leader in the 503B compounding pharmaceuticals outsourcing industry providing quality, service, and value to hospitals nationwide, has announced today the addition of Louis Pace as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer. Pace brings over 30 years of experience serving several successful private equity backed businesses in functional and P&L…


Hospital Pharmacies Planning Ahead Now For Rise In Elective Surgeries

Last winter, as the US hospital system became overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases related to the Omicron strain, facilities across the country were forced to postpone elective surgeries to free up hospital beds. Similar to what happened following the initial outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, patients are now returning to the operating room to have…


FDA Announces Glycopyrrolate Will Not Be Included on 503B Bulks List

On January 27, 2022, the FDA announced its decision to not include Glycopyrrolate on the 503B bulks list. Following this announcement, outsourcing facilities will not be permitted to compound the drug-using bulk API, unless the product appears in the future on the FDA’s drug shortage list. Glycopyrrolate is not currently on the drug shortage list.…


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