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SCA Pharma to Expand Production Facility for Compounded Sterile Medications

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SCA Pharma, an FDA-registered outsourcing facility, plans to expand its sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Windsor, CT, by 40 percent.

SCA Pharma has experienced continued growth during the past five years and has emerged as a leading manufacturer of compounded pharmaceuticals. The company continually seeks new opportunities to meet customer and patient needs, and creating additional clean room capacity would provide another avenue to increase supply.

SCA Pharma currently has two sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities located in Windsor, CT, and Little Rock, AR. The planned expansion would increase the size of the Windsor facility to approximately 150,000 square feet with the ability to add state-of-the-art automation, compounding capability, and technical employees to manufacture critical medicines.

“Ensuring that hospitals have all of the readily available sterile injectable pharmaceuticals they need to properly treat and care for patients is more critical today than ever before,” said Milton Boyer, CEO of SCA Pharma. “The demand for SCA products continues to increase, and we are committed to meeting that need safely, efficiently and reliably. Our new construction will position us to expand our capacity and make products even more accessible to hospitals.”

Boyer said construction would take approximately nine months to complete.

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