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SCA Pharma extends Kit Check™ to more products; joins DoseID consortium

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SCA Pharma has recently extended its Kit Check program, providing customers confidence in the safety and quality of even more of its products.

In addition , SCA Pharma now is a proud member of DoseID, the first member-driven industry consortium dedicated to the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in health care.

DoseID’s goal is to ensure the quality, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged drug products as they move through the entire supply chain — from manufacturer to distributor to hospital and eventually to patient — across any hardware or software system.  

With more healthcare organizations implementing RFID technology for enhanced analytics, DoseID members believe collaboration among industries is essential to develop standards that are beneficial for patients and providers alike.

“Like SCA Pharma, other members of DoseID are equally committed to ensuring safety, quality and efficacy when it comes to patients and the drugs that providers prescribe for their well being,” said Milton Boyer, CEO. “We proudly embrace technologies that advance the pharmaceutical industry, such as RFID, and believe collaborating with others will make sure patients always remain at the forefront of the work we do.”

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