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SCA Pharma touts Kit Check partnership during HCP Roundtable

During a recent Health Connect Partners roundtable discussion, Michelle Wood, SCA Pharma Vice President of Sales and Marketing, discussed along with MaryAnn Jensen, Kit Check Vice President of Strategic Marketing, the partnership between SCA Pharma and Kit Check.

The agreement between the two companies allows SCA Pharma to add Kit Check’s embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to all products, further ensuring safety for hospitals and patients. The technology is consistent with SCA Pharma’s mission to offer hospitals more solutions that improve the efficiency and accuracy of OR medication tracking.

“We proudly embrace technologies that advance the pharmaceutical industry, such as RFID, and believe collaborating with others will make sure patients always remain at the forefront of the work we do” said Milton Boyer, CEO.

SCA Pharma is the first 503B organization to use Kit Check’s tunnel association technology and register all drugs in the cloud-based registry.

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