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Hospital Pharmacies Planning Ahead Now For Rise In Elective Surgeries

Last winter, as the US hospital system became overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases related to the Omicron strain, facilities across the country were forced to postpone elective surgeries to free up hospital beds. Similar to what happened following the initial outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, patients are now returning to the operating room to have previously delayed procedures performed.

While revamped protocols and safety measures allowed hospitals to continue with elective surgery during much of the past two years, a backlog of patients still remains due to multiple periods of high postponement rates.

With a new wave of positivity that the worst of the pandemic is now safely behind us, even more patients are ready to move forward with their elective surgery, and hospitals are predicting an even higher rate of elective surgeries throughout the rest of the spring and into the summer.

Given that supply chain challenges related to the pandemic are not yet fully resolved for all medications, SCA Pharma is recommending that pharmacies plan ahead now in order to be fully stocked for the coming period of high demand.

Remember that your SCA Pharma sales representative is here for you. If you need assistance in determining which products and quantities to order, we can walk you through your potential future needs and place your order accordingly – to minimize waste, optimize storage and best keep your pharmacy stocked with the vital medications you’ll need. We can help you make smart decisions to protect against drug shortages and the risk of surgical cancellations.

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