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SCA Pharma Customers Share Thanks

Our goal at SCA Pharma always is to provide high quality products, service and value to our customers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s been more important than ever.

Several front-line healthcare workers have written us recently to say we’re doing exactly that. We are grateful that they shared their thoughts, and we’d like to share them with you. 

We appreciate these words of encouragement from our customers and partners. As one of our customers said, “Together we heal. Together we save lives.”  Enjoy reading as the SCA team did.

The work SCA Pharma does helps save patients’ lives.

“Compounded IV meds that we receive from SCA are saving patients’ lives daily. Our team and patients…are grateful for all the hard work and dedication of SCA front line teams in providing us with ready-to-use compounded IV medications. Thank you!”

SCA provides medicines for COVID-related care while preventing interruptions of non-COVID related meds.

“A good portion of COVID(+) patients end up in ICU, often on ventilators. This creates incredible demand for fentanyl and midazolam drips. It also puts tremendous pressure on other COVID-related medications such as ketamine, succinylcholine, morphine, paralytics, etomidate, and many others…Not only has SCA stepped up to help support (us) in the COVID crisis, SCA has done so without supply interruptions in non-COVID related medications. “

SCA helps hospitals and front-line doctors and nurses be more available for patients.

“Our techs were ready to drop and the amount of product we have received was such a morale booster.”

SCA’s hard work separates them from other companies. If you want it done right, you turn to SCA Pharma.

“Your hard work and adaptability during these stressful times is what separates you from other companies…Your company stands out above the rest for the most efficient and dedicated group of people that I have ever seen in my 42 years in pharmacy. If you want it done right, you turn to SCA. The absolute BEST I have ever worked with.”

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