Addressing Healthcare Staffing Shortages

In recent years, hospitals and health systems across the country have been enduring a severe staffing shortage. While the labor supply is diminished, demand for health care services is on the rise, leading most experts to predict that the health care staffing shortage will get worse before it gets better. While the labor supply is diminishing, demand for healthcare services is on the rise. Learn more about how we address these staffing shortages.

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    “…the stakes are high. If we fail to act, we will place our nation’s health at increasing risk. Already, Americans are feeling the impact of staffing shortages across the health system in hospitals, primary care clinics, and public health departments.”

    Why Outsource With A 503B?

    Enhanced Efficiency

    From reducing labor costs to extending beyond use dates and eliminating drug waste with single-dose and ready-to-use preparations, outsourcing 503B ensures more medicine is available when you need it and administered to patients prior to expiration.

    Partnering with SCA Pharma immediately adds industry experience to your team, providing guidance to streamline pharmacy systems, improve inventory management and more accurately predict future demand.

    Safety & Testing

    Outsourcing minimizes medication errors through customized standards and processes that include barcoding and specialized labeling. SCA Pharma performs testing on all batches of products for sterility, endotoxin, potency and identity, along with passing a check for environmental and personnel monitoring.

    cGMP Compliance

    503B facilities are required to adhere to stringent cGMP requirements, which exceed the quality and safety standards of USP <797>. Our dedicated team of 90+ quality professionals works hard to ensure all procedures and products meet or exceed cGMP compliance standards.

    Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

    Partnering with a 503B provides your pharmacy access to a wider selection of medication strengths, dosages and presentations – but perhaps the biggest difference between insourcing and outsourcing is the regulatory framework that governs how drugs can be compounded.

    503B outsourcing facilities must comply with strict cGMP (good manufacturing practices) requirements and are subject to FDA inspections. Hospital pharmacies, for now, are permitted to operate according to USP <797> guidance. The added oversight and protection that comes with cGMP compliance must be included in any cost/benefit analysis of insourcing vs. outsourcing.