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Michael Kidd brings more than 20 years’ operations management experience in both manufacturing and retail industries to his role as Chief Financial Officer.

A registered and active certified public accountant with the Arkansas Board of Accountancy, Michael has led all financial endeavors at SCA Pharma for more than six years. He has been an integral part of the development and rapid growth of SCA Pharma.

Michael is proficient in multiple Quality and Lean Management Systems including ISO 9001: 2000, TQM, Kaizen and Six Sigma.

Myers Briggs Profile:  INTJ-T

Sixteen Personalities Profile: Architect

Mash-up Profile: Colin Powell meets Batman

B.S. Marketing/Management, The University of Central Arkansas
MBA, The University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Favorite Aspect of My Job: Closing the books.

My Favorite Journey: Central Africa, Rwanda, Tanzania.

Fun Fact: I love to bungee jump and sky dive.

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