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SCA Pharma Following CDC, WHO Recommendations During Pandemic

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Keeping employees, customers and the patients we all serve safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is SCA Pharma’s top priority. Here are the steps we are taking to keep our employees healthy and ensure a steady supply chain.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 is dramatically affecting health care, normal supply chain functions, and our daily routines. We at SCA Pharma would like to share the measures being taken to protect our customers and the patients we all serve.

First and foremost, all of our decisions are based on the most current information available from health care experts. We are following recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) closely.

As a sterile manufacturing facility, SCA Pharma’s daily enterprises uniquely equip us to mitigate risk during a pandemic. Our approach has focused on two key areas: Employees and supply chain.


 All non-direct labor personnel are working remotely. All personnel are adhering to extreme social distancing, including those with product interaction. For direct labor and essential personnel, SCA Pharma continues to emphasize recommended hygiene guidelines, as well as staying home if ill, a practice already in place for daily production.

In addition, SCA Pharma has eliminated all business travel, including visitors to our manufacturing sites. Where possible, we are making use of videoconferencing for meetings and have eliminated all trade events. Employees are discouraged from personal travel and will undergo additional screening if they are required to travel or attend a large gathering.

Supply Chain

Several weeks before there were significant numbers of cases in the United States, we increased inventory of products that could possibly be affected by COVID-19 supply chain issues, especially consumables. We continue to buy ahead for critical drugs, such as all Schedule II (CII) products as available and our quota allows.

While we are working hard to mitigate supply challenges, the COVID-19 outbreak remains a situation in flux, and the opportunity for unforeseen issues is high. We commit to communicating often and transparently if potential disruptions present. Customers can help us plan by ensuring standing orders remain up to date, allowing us to anticipate product mix changes resulting from this pandemic.

This is an extraordinary situation; our hope is that it is short lived and the virus is well contained. We will continue to adapt our processes to meet the latest CDC guidelines. And we commit in this critical time to provide updates and guidance to ensure we protect our employees, our business, and the patients we’ve been entrusted to serve.

Milton Boyer, CEO

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