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Milton Boyer

With an industry expertise in sterile contract manufacturing, Milton Boyer has served in technical, commercial and executive roles in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years. He is passionate…

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Grace Breen

Grace Breen is Senior Vice President of Quality at SCA Pharma. She leads global quality assurance, quality control, quality systems and quality compliance. She brings over 30 years of experience…

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Michael Kidd, CPA

Michael Kidd brings more than 20 years’ operations management experience in both manufacturing and retail industries to his role as Chief Financial Officer. A registered and active certified public accountant…

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Michelle Wood

Michelle Wood leads SCA Pharma’s sales and customer service teams, negotiates contracts with group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and is responsible for enhancing brand awareness nationwide.…

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Drew Dale

Drew Dale brings a well-rounded background in strategy, operations, information technology, and finance having worked in and on businesses across a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, CPG, Retail, and Manufacturing.…

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Matt White, Pharm.D.

Matt’s unique background provides meaningful perspective as he leads our Little Rock operations. While bringing more than eleven years’ experience in sterile compounding to the position, Matt has also served…

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Rich Colucciello

For more than 25 years, Rich Colucciello has led both human resources and financial departments in a broad range of industries. At SCA Pharma Rich is responsible for Human Resources…

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Cindy Mitman, Pharm.D.

In addition to leading SCA Pharma’s quality assurance aseptic training and compliance efforts, Cindy Mitman is a noted national speaker and expert on issues related to sterile compounding, environmental monitoring,…

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Meagan Kurtz, Pharm.D.

A pharmacist by degree and experience, Meagan Kurtz is fascinated with the process of sterile compounding. She loves the development of new products and the chemistry of drug compounds. Meagan…

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Quality Team

Racheal Adams, Pharm.D.

Racheal is part of the original team at SCA Pharma and has served in various capacities before being named Director of Corporate Quality. In this role, Racheal manages global programs…

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Natasha Rivas

Natasha Rivas provides quality control and quality assurance oversight for SCA Pharma’s Windsor, CT facility. She brings more than seventeen years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry,…

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Debra Seilling-Ferguson

Debra Seilling-Ferguson provides quality control and quality assurance oversight for SCA Pharma’s Little Rock, AR facility. Debra brings a global perspective to SCA, having begun her career at Roche South…

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